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Primera generación de panaderos en 1940M. DEL RÍO Bakery, founded in 1940, has always been well known for the quality of its products, its wood-fired oven bread, its empanadas (Pastries), its sponge cakes and its magnificent brioche bread bagels handmade products, made with love and care. When the founders, Manuel del Río y Manuela, his wife, started the business more than one difficulty had to be overcome, due to the almost non-existent technical resources and the problems of those times. They spared no effort to satisfy all their clients in those difficult circumstances, with lots of hard work and dedication.

Combining handcraft with the needs of the current market, their grandson continues their same path, having learned from his grandparents how to make quality traditionally made products. The company has become the first and currently the only bakery in Galicia certified with the FACE guarantee mark, for celiac friendly products. It is known as MR DEL RÍO, with a wide range of gluten-free products commercialised throughout Spain.